Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Webbers Go a' Wandering

AND . WE'RE . OFF !!!

DAY1:  Thursday, 07/14/16

After a slight delay, Carl and I are finally ON THE ROAD! We left Thursday morning, traveling 347 miles through NC, VA & into WV.  We spent the first night at Foxfire KOA in Huntington (Milton) WV.

DAY 2:  Friday, 07/15/16

We traveled from Huntington WV to Lafayette IN, 393 miles, encompassing the states of WV, KY, IN, OH and back into IN.  We had decided to experience the exquisite Walmart Superstore RV Park, found a quiet corner, and went inside to buy a "few" needed items and seek approval for the spot from the store manager.  No problem ... which is a good thing!  I would have HATED to have to leave the shopping cart containing the  >$300 worth of food, the new toaster and my jeans and have to find a campground somewhere! 

Of course, after buying groceries, it's no time to actually COOK, right?  So, we walked across the street to Olive Garden for dinner.  Our server, Brian, was awesome and Michael, the manager, actually COMPED the dessert in celebration of our "vacation".  If you're ever in Lafayette IN, I encourage you to treat yourself to a great dinner there. 

Have you ever noticed the black barns in KY?  A quick Google search taught me that those are tobacco barns.  The black barns raise the heat inside, aiding he curing of the tobacco.  Many got their color from creosote, which repelled termites.

DAY 3, Saturday 07/16/16

WOW ... I/we slept remarkably well in the Walmart parking lot - and we discovered it's a lot easier to break-down camp when you didn't set-up anything the night before!  I finished putting away the groceries we had bought the night before (had to extend one slide-out to get to the cabinet) and we were on the road.  

There were MILES and MILES of wind turbines in Indiana ...


 And a great reminder for those who prefer to drive with no hands ...

I had forgotten about all the dairy farms through Wisconsin ... and for somebody who loves old barns(if you haven't figured that out from all the barn pics), I was in heaven.

I'm not sure what's going on with the plank roads through part of Wisconsin, but the original ones were built in the late 1840s - early 1850s to shorten the travel.  The current "Old Plank Road Trail" parallels Hwy 23 - the original route - and is supposed to span 17 miles.  However, there were many places where the planks were missing and/or stacks of planks lay beside the current road.

After riding for hours and seeing pretty much flat lands or small rolling hills, we were surprised to see these rock spheres raising from a clump of trees along the highway.  This is Mill Bluff State Park.

We arrived at the Oakdale KOA fairly early, allowing us time to wash a few loads of laundry, enjoy dinner, and relax.  OH - and the campground was hosting an ice cream social, so we ended the day with a delicious homemade sundae!

Covering a total of 359 miles through IN, IL & WI, it was another great day on the road.

That's it for now, y'all.  Our journey is off to an amazing start with many more roads to travel.  Tune in another day to see where our wandering will take us next.  Safe travels!

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  1. Congratulations on getting on the road!. Thanks for the pics and updates. If you can let us know what you think of the campgrounds you stay at so so can think of them as good or bad places to stay!