Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's Taking Shape!

Nothing makes this a reality like sitting at the computer ALL day, laying out the various segments of our first great adventure, complete with the campgrounds/Wal-Mart's and fuel stops along the way!  By segments, our travels include:  Home to Mt. Rushmore, Rushmore to Glacier Nat'l Park, Glacier to Tok Alaska, Alaska Loop, Tok to Cassiar Highway to Abbotsford BC, Abbotsford to Pasco WA, Pasco to Yellowstone Nat'l Park to Pueblo CO, and Pueblo to Jonesborough TN.  Most stays are overnighters with extended stays along the way  for specific sites/attractions.   The only dates carved in stone are at the end of the trip; we'll be attending the Newmar Int'l Rally in Pueblo CO and the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough TN.  

Now - this is where we need Y'ALL'S input:  please leave a comment below to let us know what we need to see along the way!!

I wonder where we'll wander ...

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